About Spandan

Spandan stands for bringing a sensation to the dull and black lives of thousands from the transgender community. Just like the pulsating blood in the body ensures healthy and active body, Spandan too envisions being a strong support to bring smiles on the face of a transgender and help them lead a respectable life.

Spandan works for the upliftment of transgender community and creates awareness about the specific needs and issues faced by the transgender community. The organization counsels parents who are blessed with special need infants and assists them in helping their child to be an active member of the mainstream society.

Home for Special Need Infants

Spandan welcomes every special need infant to its ashram and appeals parents who discover discomfort in a child related to their assigned sex not to panic and bring the child to Spandan. The sense of dissatisfaction from own sex can be frustrating, and we at Spandan enlighten a parent about the unique needs of such a child and provide comprehensive support for the all-round development of a child and help them live life respectfully.


Dignifying Transgender Community

Spandan dignifies life of a transgender and is a ray of hope in the dark life of transgender. Spandan works to improve the lifestyle of the transgender community and help this ignored strata start a respectable life by nurturing them and enriching their abilities. This is done by providing psychological, moral, educational and medical support to an individual, which help in the development of his personality and create a sense of self-confidence to live and earn through a respectful profession in the society.

Other Initiatives

Mahesh Ashram

Mahesh Ashram is a heavenly abode for innocent children, who are left out by their birth parents.

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Divya Mother Milk Bank

North India’s first Milk Bank to provide nutritional mother’s milk to every infant.

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An initiative to create awareness about the healing power of yoga and motivate people to adopt yoga in daily lifestyle.

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Serves: Spandan was established to serve humanity and play its part in bringing a smile on the dull and hopeless faces. We are a part of this society and feel it is our moral responsibility to pay back what we received through our initiatives for the needy.

Nurtures: Spandan nurtures a left out the soul to develop into a contributing member of the society by providing a healthy environment where one can feel safe, free, and confident. We help special need children to grow in a conducive environment for overall personality development.

Enriches: We help transgender people and innocent special need children in enriching their knowledge and develop skills so that they can find employment and earn a living.