Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan


Yoga Guru Devendra Aggarwal

Yoga Guru Devendra Aggarwal (Guruji) was born on August 8, 1974, to Sri Jairam Aggarwal and Smt. Bhagwati Devi at Udaipur. The flair for social service was present in the heart of Guruji right from childhood, and he dedicated his life to social service, which was supported by his wife, Smt. Harsha Aggarwal whole heartedly.

Guruji established Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan with an aim to protect, preserve and nurture humanity through the life conservation drive. The drive’s main motive was to protect, secure and develop practically every human life form on the planet by providing equal opportunities for growth.

Ancient India was the most prosperous and culturally rich country of the world and had led the world at various fronts. The ancient practice of Yoga in India is an effective method for an individual to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually to attain the highest form of salvation and adopt a holistic way of living.

Keeping the importance of Yoga in mind, Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan started ‘Swargayatna’ and  ‘Anandam’ social initiatives to spread awareness about the benefits of Yoga and help people adopt a healthy lifestyle. This is done by organizing free workshops and yoga camps on local, regional and national levels where individuals can learn about yoga and its advantages. ‘Chair Yoga’, a popular initiative promoted by Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan showed a way for working professionals to accommodate Yoga in their daily lifestyle. The organization also succeeded in treating heart diseases and other chronic diseases in hospitals with the help of Yoga.

The alarming figures related to female feticide revealed that the maximum number of such cases were registered in Udaipur in the year 2006.  The discovery of a rising number of female fetus’ in the lakes of Udaipur city shocked Guruji and made him take the decision to start Cradle point and Mahesh Ashram to control such cases in the city.

Cradle Point: Promising a secure and safe future for unwanted infants (Established in 2007)

Many parents dump an unwanted child in wells, ponds, garbage bin or drains because of fear, or other reasons. To save innocent infants from the brunt of death, cradle point was established by Guruji to promise a safe and secure future for orphan or unwanted children. The cradle point has helped in protecting lives of hundreds of unsuspecting innocents, who are dropped here by parents, who do not or cannot take care of an infant.

Jivni Ashraya Dham: Promising secure environment for pregnant women (Established in 2014)

The right to live is a fundamental constitutional right, and even a fetus developing inside a mother’s body is entitled to this right. Every fetus has the right to get basic care and respect from the first day. A female fetus too has the right to privacy in the womb of expecting mother. Jivni Ashraya Dham established by Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan works to protect the rights of an unborn fetus where expecting mothers who feel danger for their unborn child can find a secure and environment to deliver the child. Jivni Ashraya Dham is an abode for a pregnant mother who want to protect her unborn child and give birth but feel alone, helpless, hopeless, and uncertain about giving birth and protecting her rights and that of the child.

Jiwani Ashraya Dham provides temporary shelter to a pregnant mother to ensure safe and conducive environment for the development of an unborn baby. The dham provides necessary essential facilities free of cost to expecting mothers. By playing an important part in the society, Jiwani Ashraya Dham provides a sense of completion for the family, development for the society, growth for the nation so that the wheel of creation keeps on moving without halt.

Mahesh Ashram: Do not throw! Give us! (Established in 2007)

Mahesh Ashram provides a conducive environment for innocent orphan kids, infants, and children who are found at the cradle point or different places. The ashram develops a child physically, mentally and emotionally so that he/she can contribute in nation’s development by being an active member of the society. The ashram provides a healthy environment for overall growth and development of a child by providing gentle care. The ashram was started to offer heavenly bliss of nurturing a child to childless parents. Mahesh Ashram is equipped with modern facilities like NICU, brain development lab, ambulance, generator, etc. to provide a comfortable environment for the development of a child. The trained staff offers extensive care and love to every child. The ashram facilitates adoption for childless parents and has helped in providing a loving family to hundreds of children, thus adding happiness in lives.

Divya Mother Milk Bank: Promising Pure Human Mother’s milk for infants (Established in 2013)

Every year approximately 18 Lakh infants die after suffering from malnutrition or other diseases. Keeping this in mind, Guruji established the milk bank to eliminate the problem of malnutrition among infants.
Divya Mother Milk Bank is the first milk bank in North India and provides a reliable source of pure mother’s milk for infants. Mother’s milk is precious, and a mother creates a strong foundation for healthy life by breastfeeding. Mother’s milk is essential for the physical, mental and emotional development of an infant and strengthens the immune level of a newborn. Mother’s milk is a boon for a newborn, and there are hundreds of infants who suffer from the problem of malnutrition, less weight, sickness, and other diseases because of lack of mother’s milk. A lactating mother can donate extra milk for such infants to save them from various diseases and reduce the risk of mortality by 22 percent. By donating milk, a lady can ensure that the living chances for an infant increase by six times while being assured of many health benefits for herself.

Guruji feels that every child, every girl should live life freely and completely and every human life form should be given a chance to develop. He envisions spreading the following initiatives around the country

Save the girl child campaign to balance the sex ratio

Guruji’s vision for the success of this campaign accommodates the following ideas:

  • To establish cradle point on a pan-India scale
  • Connecting cradle points to child foster homes for the physical, mental and emotional development of a child.
  • Providing secure and safe environment to expecting pregnant mothers

Reduce infant mortality rate, eliminate malnutrition and promoting donation of mother’s  milk

  • Promoting milk donation among lactating mothers
  • Creating awareness about breastfeeding
  • Establishment of mother milk banks on pan-India scale
  • Motivating and providing support for establishment of Milk Banks
  • Creating awareness about infant mortality rate, malnutrition and eliminating the causes for the same.

Spread the message of holistic health, wellness, and comprehensive development by adopting Yoga in daily life.